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Posted by Vengeance - December 7th, 2007

Over the past week or so, me and J1mp have been working on a game that is currently known as Penguinz! We currently have 6 weapons, 7 enemies and 2 levels. The game is in it's alpha stages, it's playable, bugless and highly addictive. It's a sidescrolling game starring a penguin who we've yet to name. Basically, you have a bunch of different guns and all the other creatures around the antarctica want to kill you.
The game currently features eskimo's, other penguins, suicide bomber penguins and polar bears. There is an infinite amount of gameplay and the final game will most likely have a survival mode as well as a story mode.
Gameplay Demo!
Youtube'd. Features 3 of the guns, 5 enemies and one level. Background music is the song The Final Countdown, by Norther (originally by Europe). Features about one minute of gameplay. Enjoy!
Any criticism, comments, suggestions or anything like that will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Vengeance - November 22nd, 2007

Well I've decided to start posting some music into the ever growing audio portal. Seems like people generally like it, I think I'll keep submitting :P Check my stuff out.

Posted by Vengeance - November 11th, 2007

As some of you or may not have noticed, re-vengeance.com has been down for the past few days. This is due to numerous factors, not all of which I know.

A while ago, ADM hosting (the company I was with) sold all their hosting accounts to Axishosting for better or for worse (IMO worse, Taylor was a great guy). At first Axishosting didn't seem too bad, 99.9% uptime, didn't charge me anything for plan change etc. But all of a sudden out of nowhere, they locked my account. So naturally I e-mailed them, and got a reply back saying "We're no longer providing free hosting to ADM hosting's customers". Funny that, last I checked Fuzz-media was with ADM and that's still up. Ignoring that, I continued reading on the e-mail, ignoring the fact that they've ripped me off 4 months of hosting. It continues to say that "we are now requiring anyone wishing to stay with us to actually sign up, pay us and go through our normal fraud screening.". So naturally I go to their website, thinking of signing back up to my old plan. And to my amazement, for the exact same plan that I was on, they were trying to charge me 2.5x as much! That's right, $120 a year, for 2gig space and 20gig bandwidth.
*note to self, never go to Axishosting again*

Honestly, that has to be one of the worst hosting deals I've seen in a long time. Anyway, the site should be back up soon, I think I'll be going with Fastnext hosting. They seem like they have great deals for a low'ish price.

Posted by Vengeance - October 11th, 2007

Over the past two days I've been playing around with a mac-like object manipulation. It's a fairly simple code with a really cool looking result.

Example 1
Example 2

Comments? Game ideas? Insults? Post em :P
My personal favorite is the first :P

Posted by Vengeance - July 19th, 2007

Well, it looks like I've been suspended from school again! What for this time? For modifying peoples start menu's with dirty phrases. Oh well, I see it as a long weekend seeming as I'm suspended on Friday (today). Second suspension this year. Oh well, schools boring and pointless.

Posted by Vengeance - July 17th, 2007

Well the newgrounds redesign is here. What can I say, it's good and all but honestly; I think it's a let down. I like all the new features and it seems like it could be easier to navigate. But it just doesn't have the same feel the old newgrounds has. It hasn't got that oldskool, developed in a basement feel. It's too professional I think. No offence Tom and everyone who worked on it, it looks great. The features are great, Liljim has done an extraordinary job with the ajax for the flash portal and everything. It's just lost its old feel.
Anyone agree? Think I'm an idiot? Go for it, I'd love to see you're opinions.