Oh shit, suspended again!

2007-07-19 19:45:58 by Vengeance

Well, it looks like I've been suspended from school again! What for this time? For modifying peoples start menu's with dirty phrases. Oh well, I see it as a long weekend seeming as I'm suspended on Friday (today). Second suspension this year. Oh well, schools boring and pointless.


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2007-07-20 11:56:03

Yep, it is.

But, dont get in a rut now, else you'll unluckily be that guy who is always the class clown. Do all your work when you get it then fuck about.

I didnt do any of my school work till it was the last 2 weeks of the year, and it really fucked it up.

Vengeance responds:

I do my work and all, I just get bored of it so I decide to have a little fun. Fucking assholes suspend me >:C


2007-07-20 21:11:32

Most of the time, boring. But not pointless... Don't you want to get a good grade so you can study almost whatever you want in college or university...?

Vengeance responds:

Yes, but what they're teaching me in school really isn't helping with what I want to do to much. Thus most of the shit is pointless.


2007-07-22 01:23:06

Who thought that a suspension was a punishment? I mean is a day free of school, you maybe have to work more later but anyway.

Nick! I am your mother! I'm very amd at you for not going well at school!

Vengeance responds:

I do go well at school, I'm just a fucking badass :P


2007-12-09 23:30:54

boring and pointless? that's the least i would of said about it.


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