2007-11-11 21:15:02 by Vengeance

As some of you or may not have noticed, has been down for the past few days. This is due to numerous factors, not all of which I know.

A while ago, ADM hosting (the company I was with) sold all their hosting accounts to Axishosting for better or for worse (IMO worse, Taylor was a great guy). At first Axishosting didn't seem too bad, 99.9% uptime, didn't charge me anything for plan change etc. But all of a sudden out of nowhere, they locked my account. So naturally I e-mailed them, and got a reply back saying "We're no longer providing free hosting to ADM hosting's customers". Funny that, last I checked Fuzz-media was with ADM and that's still up. Ignoring that, I continued reading on the e-mail, ignoring the fact that they've ripped me off 4 months of hosting. It continues to say that "we are now requiring anyone wishing to stay with us to actually sign up, pay us and go through our normal fraud screening.". So naturally I go to their website, thinking of signing back up to my old plan. And to my amazement, for the exact same plan that I was on, they were trying to charge me 2.5x as much! That's right, $120 a year, for 2gig space and 20gig bandwidth.
*note to self, never go to Axishosting again*

Honestly, that has to be one of the worst hosting deals I've seen in a long time. Anyway, the site should be back up soon, I think I'll be going with Fastnext hosting. They seem like they have great deals for a low'ish price.


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2007-11-12 03:32:52

What about CitricSquid's free hosting?

Vengeance responds:

I don't like free hosting, I don't trust it. :P


2007-11-12 20:18:48

Haha... Fair enough. With my site, I went with (I think that's correct) And I needed to pay $110 US per year for the hosting and domain name. It's really easy to use and all and fast when uploading using a ftp program but expensive.


2007-11-17 20:14:33

It's hard to find a good host sometimes. :-(

Good luck with it all.

(Updated ) Vengeance responds:

I got reccomended to Surpass hosting ( from KaynSlamDyke. Their prices seem better, and they're having a 12 months for $12 thing at Christmas. So I'll be holding out til then.
According to Kayn, they have a very high uptime and great customer support. Sounds good to me.


2007-11-20 01:07:33

Yeah, they are a bunch of bitches. I never had an account with axishost, somehow when the switch occurred they didn't transfer my info or something. I sent like a hundred e-mails and she replied to like two, saying she fixed it and she didn't. My site was still there, I just couldn't log in to axishost's client center.

It was fine until recently because I could still log in to cpanel. But she screwed something up and now I cant.

And she has my domain now, stupid bitch. I even had paid hosting...

Vengeance responds:

Yeah, as did I. I still had 4 months left on my account when they locked it, thats almost $17 value they've taken.


2007-11-20 16:29:06

When you get Fastnext hosting, tell me how it is. I've been considering the starter package for my site. It seems like a very good price.


2007-11-21 12:11:30

Sorry to here that best of luck to you though. This is off topic, but did you get to code any game in your recent thread?


2008-04-01 22:45:49

same deal happened with me, but i asked if i could keep my same price and they said "sure dude."

i set up my own web server :P lol penis