Playing around in flash

2007-10-11 05:50:53 by Vengeance

Over the past two days I've been playing around with a mac-like object manipulation. It's a fairly simple code with a really cool looking result.

Example 1
Example 2

Comments? Game ideas? Insults? Post em :P
My personal favorite is the first :P


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2007-10-11 06:41:01

Sweeeeet effects


2007-10-11 07:43:44

MAN thats cool! any chance can you point me in the right direction as to how (in gods name) do you code? xD

i suck at it :(

by the way id use that effect in more of a background menu than a full game

(Updated ) Vengeance responds:

I suggest you go to ic/229808/50 and look through the basic tutorials.

And when I said game idea's I meant idea's in general, I'm going through an uncreative mode. It's really boring.


2007-10-12 17:41:50



2007-10-19 06:07:27

Amazing what effects you can make from such a simple idea isn't it? This is a killer effect, and would make for one of those killer menu / loading screen graphics to draw attention to your game (possibly for a Cyberpunk / Nethacking game - the entire thing screams Internet art to me).

Bit concerned with how slow it runs at times, but I'm sure you can tone down the detail for when you put it in your next game. And while I know how the first effect's done, I'd like to know how the second one's done as well - I'm guessing drawing API somehow.

All in all, killer little effects. This is the type of thing I love about Flash.

Vengeance responds:

Epic comment let-down :(

<3 anyway.


2007-10-20 21:35:24



2007-10-22 02:57:03

Pretty awesome effects. The first is best even though it's more simple.


2007-10-31 17:53:17

Beatcha to it - 0enlarge%20effect-%20no%20move.html :P

Nice effect - better than mine (mine keeps on jumping between depths because of poor use of swapDepths, but I didnt realize it then). I stumbled across this enormous thread about this kinda effect, and the types of extras that can be added (like masks and bitmap effects). You might wanna check it out, it's pretty interesting. d.php?t=212977